Development Tools/Programs

Motoasms: DOS. PC.

Motorola's freeware cross-assemblers for the PC. Supports 6800, 6801, 6804, 6805, 6808, 6809 & 6811 processors. The zip file also contains Stobin for converting S-records to binary image files (for producing ROMable code images).

Asref: ASCII Text File

Motorola cross-assembler reference manual.

Dasmx: DOS. PC.

A multi-processor disassembler. Supports symbol files and the following processors:

6800, 6801, 6802, 6803, 6808 & 6809
6309, 6801 & 6803
6502, 65c00/21, 65c59, 65c02, 65c102 & 65c112
8048, 8051, 8080 & 8085

Stobin: DOS. PC

Stobin.exe is a Motorola S-record to binary conversion utility. If you are using an assembler that outputs it's files in S-record format, you may need this or a similar program to convert the code into a ROMable binary image.  Stobin has the ability to pad images to bring the file size up to the width of your ROM.

Stobin.exe is contained in the Motoasms zip file.

Stobin runs from the DOS command line.

Bin2Hex: DOS.PC.

Binary to Intel hex conversion utility. Runs from the DOS command line.

PinMAME 1.31 (Debug version): DOS. PC.

The popular PinMAME emulator compiled with the debug option enabled. Version 1.31

Command line usage:

pinmamed <file> -debug


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