Here is a collection of images showing games in a state of development.Of course, these things are usually closely kept secrets. We might be risking ourselves by showing them to you.  If you don't hear from us again, we've probably been dragged out of our beds in the dead of night and dealt with.

Independance Day (ID4). Sega Pinball Inc. 1996


These two images show a test whitewood complete with a solenoid mechanism for testing the integrity of the Alien head. We believe the test unceremoniously smashed a ball into the alien's head on a near continuous basis to test it's ability to stand up to punishment..

Space Jam. Sega Pinball Inc. 1996


Three of thee four shots show the game in various stages of construction during the production run. The final image shows the development of the dot matrix graphics.

Scared Stiff. Williams Electronic Games. 1996

This Scared Stiff whitewood was on display at the Pingame Journal stand during the 1996 Pinball Expo. Of particular interest is the artwork over mylar.

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